Digital Video Surveillance


Axis network video products are designed with built-in computers so they do not require a direct connection to a PC or any additional software to stream live video and audio over networks. Simply connect the network video products to an IP network (such as a LAN, intranet or Internet) and view live images from any local or remote, networked computer with a standard web browser.

Network Cameras

Axis offers a large selection of network cameras, providing high-quality video solutions for any professional indoor or outdoor video surveillance application.

Video Encoders

Axis video encoders digitize the video signals from your analog CCTV system and distribute them directly over an IP-based network, turning analog cameras into network cameras. Users can view live images from a video management software application or a web browser anywhere, at any time. Connect an Axis video decoder to your system to display live video on digital or analog public view monitors.

Video Management

Axis provides video management software and hardware that complements the company‘s network cameras and video encoders. Additionally, Axis Application Development Partners (ADP) offer a wide range of complete video solutions.


Sony Electronics’ Security Systems Division produces a full line of professional security and surveillance technologies that set industry standards for image quality and performance. All products are based on Sony’s advanced image sensors, which provide greater resolution at higher speeds than any other imaging technology.

Sony’s full line of IPELA® IP cameras, hybrid cameras, analog cameras, network surveillance recorders, monitors and accessories are used to address security, surveillance and business challenges in diverse applications and markets, including transportation, retail, ports/utilities, education and more.

Sony’s core technologies power its IP-based security and surveillance products, providing features such as superb image quality and video analytics at the hardware level.


Powered by the IPELA ENGINE™ signal processing system, Sony's new generation of cameras delivers excellent HD image quality with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range.

IPELA HYBRID™– Sony’s IP and Analog-over-Coax Technology

Sony offers a new video surveillance technology that can simultaneously transmit both IP and analog signals on a single coaxial cable. It allows customers to easily migrate to HD IP video surveillance systems with minimal investment, utilizing their existing analog infrastructure. Based on this technology — IPELA HYBRID — Sony offers solutions comprised of hybrid cameras and a compatible SLOC device.